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New Braided Path Cover


I know, I know, some people out there have a problem with the recent trend of hooded dudes on the covers of fantasy books. Well, I’ve never had a hooded dude on one of mine, and it’s about time I did. Plus the Weavers look way badass. So there 😛


  1. Katya says:

    This hooded man looks sexy. Far sexier than all the rest of them hooded men *nods*

  2. Lucy says:

    Looks awesome!

  3. Melanie says:

    Chris – again, my post is not related to what youre writing here. I made a bad habit of it I guess 😛 I FINALLY got my copy of endgame after having to ship a copy to the states from UK. I read it in one sitting and am floored once again. Completely welled up with tears. The book is beautiful. In 160 pages youve developed some incredible characters, and I really wanted to compliment you on this novel. Amazing work. Thank you.

  4. Colleen says:

    I love it! Got me excited to re-read the series again!!

  5. David says:

    Am I going to have to rebuy the Braided Path because that cover is bloody incredible? Because that is what I’m going to do! Somehow it manages to make the Weavers even more malevolent than they were before. Love it.

  6. Hi Chris.I have a few things to say.First I feel kinda left out because all you have been talking about is Braided Path and Iron Jackal and I know bupkiss on these things(are they a series?)Second I feel inclined to tell you my name.I mean really you have to be really stupid to think my real name is Death by taco.Can YOU(as the creater of this blog) see our e-mail address?because if you can it’s pretty obvious right?Third any news on Malice movie?

  7. Whoa Chris, I live in Canada B.C. Right now it’s 3:48.Either your blogs wrong or we are completly different time zones right? Cool!

  8. Thomas says:

    @Death by Taco: Chris lives in the UK.

    Awesome cover! Makes me excited for this one. I’ve seen the books previously but that was years and years ago when you could actually still find the hardcovers in the US. It sounded like an interesting series and I’ll probably get them this time around. Are they going to be hard cover or paper back? Also are they going to be a trilogy as originally published or an omnibus this time?

    I finally got Retribution Falls a week or two ago. Not entirely happy that it was 16 bucks for a paperback, but I know you don’t have much control over that. I didn’t really look at the price either before getting to check out too so that’s my fault. Either way it sounds like an amazing book and I’m looking forward to reading it!

  9. xDeniz All They Way From Brazil says:

    Hey Chris!

    The haunting of Alaizabel Cray is the best book i ever read in my entire life!
    And they are brazilians that agree with me:
    How could you not be a JK Rowling by now?!?!?
    Are you ever going to make another book on that universe?!

  10. Gina says:

    Wow, the cover looks awesome! Rostant did an amazing job. Would love to see his rendition of Kaiku. Maybe you should get him to do an artbook for the series too? 😉

  11. Tida says:

    Ok, so I really need to actually READ the Braided Path– I have all three books in one massive volume that seems more like a weapon than novels and sort of intimidates me, so as of yet I have not read them… but I will! And this cover is sick in the best way possible and really makes me want to overcome my short attention span’s terror of absurdly long novels (or in this case, series that are bound together).

  12. @ DBT – Yeah, I can see your email addys. No news on Malice movie, I’m afraid.

    @ Thomas – It’ll be a hardcover omnibus, with a laminate cover rather than havind a slip cover like the old hardbacks dad. Ooo!

    @ Deniz – Thanks! Glad to have some Brazilians on board! I doubt I’ll write another one in that universe, but you never know…

    @ Gina – Haha, I’d love him to do one, but presumably he’s got better things to do than create tons of artwork for me for free 😉

  13. Keith says:

    Hey Chris, The new over is so BA and the weavers of saramyr was one of my favorite books ever so and i’m so happy to see the new cover and by the way any word on the Haunting of Alaizabel Cray the movie becasue I am way to excited for it

  14. No news on THOAC. The contract has literally only just got signed after, oh, about 18 months of faffing about 🙁

  15. Sean says:

    Hey Chris,

    Is the braided path still on track to be released on the 21st of July? As websites such as Waterstones, Amazon and still haven’t got it up for pre-order 🙁

  16. Robin says:

    Chris; I grew up reading your books, and to this day, The Braided Path is still my favorite literary series. I just wanted to say it would be amazingly excellent if you continued the story. There is definitely a sequel hook at the end, if I know the characters as well as I think I do.

  17. Yogi says:

    What a beautiful monemt with your daughter. I also have a twelve your old daughter. And after having married off my oldest daughter just a few weeks ago, I realize all to well how fast time flies. Treasure every monemt! Have a beautiful week my friend.

  18. Anas says:

    My mom did something sialimr for me oh 20 years ago. I loved Rapunzel. You way is a lot easier. I remember her stretching the yarn between two chairs to braid it. Super cute!

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