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Iron Jackal Delayed Until October

I know, I know. I did my level best to get the damn thing in on time. In fact, as it turns out, it’ll probably only be about two weeks late once I’ve edited it all. But myself and my editor, well, we just think the schedule is too tight now, and so it is with heavy heart that I announce the Iron Jackal’s new release date of Oct 20th in the UK. Tsk.

Here’s the thing. I don’t want to rush the editing to get it in on time, I want to get it right. I also don’t want my editor to rush it. And after I’ve rushed through her rushed edits, we have a copy editor who will have to rush it, and then it’ll go to a sales team who won’t have adequate time to prepare so it’ll get rushed out to the bookshops and somewhere along the line one of us is gonna drop the ball. And then it’ll be published and I will rue my haste till the end of my days. So we’ve knocked pub date back by two months, and that means no-one has to panic any more, and you’ll get to read a book that’s been done properly. Trust me, it’s better this way.

No idea on foreign release dates yet; Spectra will be looking at it once it’s complete and will decide whether they want to buy it up then. In the meantime, Retribution Falls is just about to be released in the US, so help persuade them by buying six copies each (five angels will thank you for it) 😉


Also, I’ll be doing several panels at Eastercon this year, sometime on the Friday and Saturday (and possibly Sunday morning). Times TBA. So if you’re about, come by and say hi.


  1. James says:

    Hey Chris, was wondering when the reprint for your Braided Path super edition was scheduled?


  2. Katya says:

    Blah. And here I was hoping to get the copy right before my holidays so that I can enjoy my holidaying more by being buried in your book. This smells of rotten eggs now 🙁 On a plus side, it’ll make the best early Christmas present I’ll ever get myself.

    Also, any chance of visiting us, the forgotten folk of South West anytime soon? I’ll love you forever if you say yes <3

  3. @ James – still on schedule for 21st Apr as far as I know, although I still haven’t seen final covers. I’ve been chasing this up myself so I’ll let you know.

    @ Katya – Yeah, sorry. However, it’s a very sun-drenched tale this time, so maybe it’s better for alleviating those October daylight-saving blues.

    re: the South West, the problem is I need to be invited first 😛 Get yourself a convention going down there and I’ll happily troll along!

  4. Julie says:

    Considering it’s 1st of April, I’ve decided not to believe you! 😀

  5. Julie says:

    …And now I feel like an idiot! Damn you Facebook news feed! xD

  6. That’s why I posted it on the 31st of March… 😛

  7. Julie says:

    I figured 😉 Would you believe I actually READ your books? No? Can’t say I blame you xD

  8. Katya says:

    So no visiting us out of good will? No giving talk in local Waterstones and no signing books or anything? ;_; Honestly, I’m becoming more heartbroken by the minute.

    Sun drenched story? Well, that gets my taste buds for the book racing!

  9. Alex says:

    Hey Chris,
    My friend showed me Malice a week ago and I’m obsessed (along with her). Is there going to be a third one?

  10. george says:

    hey chris
    i was reading at the bottom of Retribution Falls Kindle Edition Price Drop
    and kai had saidthat the broken sky would good as a graphic noivel and i agree with him could you do that?

  11. Tyler says:

    i agree with alex 😀

  12. Tyler says:

    also george, i love the idea of not only having the pleasure of painting the picture myself, but then i can mix it with your own ideas 🙂 much better read that way!

    like ive said on a previous post, i loved the edge chronicles; they have about 10 books to them, and i have them all. they also had beeeeeaautiful pictures in them, and it just magnifies the words. i know picture books are for kids, but a few pictures to help portray a different world are very interesting to me!

  13. @ Alex – I’d say probably not, unfortunately. For various economic reasons, Scholastic won’t commit to publishing it until they’ve waited to see how the worldwide sales pan out, which could take a while. By that time it’d probably be too late for a third book to be worth writing as booksellers in the UK would have forgotten about it. Sorry. It’s just as frustrating for me as it is for you 🙁

  14. Alex says:

    Oh well, more fanfiction for me then! (Whenever I’m obbsessed with a book, I got write fanfictions about it!)

  15. Florian says:

    I stumbled upon your “Black L Cap-n) about a year ago. In one word: I loved it! To my great relief I found there was a precursor which I also read in about two days. And I’m very much looking forward to this new installment in the series.

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing these little marvels. The world you create is truly rich and imaginative and it’s just so much fun to read! I Smiled the whole way trough both books.

    Can’t wait to read the first page in the Iron jackal!

    Best Regards From The “retribution falls” of the real world.. Amsterdam 😉


  16. David says:

    Mr. Wooding,
    I just wanted to say thank you for your work. I have read Retribution Falls and The black Lung Captain several times through already and seeing as how the release dates in the US are being pushed back again, i’ll probably read them again while waiting for Iron Jackal. As long as you continue to write them, i’ll continue to read them.

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