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Hear Frey talk!

Keen followers of the comments section will already know that there is an audio version of Retribution Falls available to buy, narrated by Rupert Degas, who does a bang-up job even if I do say so myself. Here’s a sample so you can check it out!

Retribution Falls

The file is available from Audible either from their site or through Amazon here.

I understand The Ace Of Skulls‘ release date has come forward a month and will now be 19th September in the UK & Commonwealth. US I don’t know, that’s up to Titan Books.

Meantimes, I have been tapping away at some screenplay stuff, which I shall keep all very close to my chest as I’m still getting emails from kids who’ve found posts from 2003 about an Alaizabel movie and are all like ‘OMG can I be the star?’ The Internet never forgets. Dear God, what have we created?


  1. Rob says:

    I started reading your work with Retribution Falls, then The Black-Lung Captain, and then Iron Jackal. I can see you have other work out there, but I’m dedicated to the crew of the Ketty Jay and will not betray them until I’ve read Ace of Skulls. Then I will read your other work although The Braided Path seems a trifle daunting, mostly because it’s so big. You write very well, I like how the aircraft work, although two different engines and fuel seem inefficient when compared to one engine and wing lift. I won’t bore you with that as I ‘m sure many others have belaboured the point. I cannot wait until September, thanks for the great books which I read over and over, they’ve become dreadfully tattered and food stained.

  2. Glad you like. Re: the engines, you’re actually the first to bring it up. With one engine and wing lift you couldn’t have vertical take-off and you couldn’t hover in the air (they don’t have the gyroscopic technology to manage something like a Harrier jump-jet’s systems) and you certainly couldn’t have massive frigates the size of modern day aircraft carriers floating through the sky. Also, instead of landing pads you would have to have long landing strips, and you couldn’t maneouvre half as well in tight spaces as you’d rely on speed to keep you aloft, so you couldn’t really have settlements in some of the places where I’ve put them. They need aerium to fly the way they do, and aerium can’t be processed in a prothane engine, which works more like a combustion engine. Aerium engines are massive electromagnet-driven separation systems, hence kept apart from the prothane engines.

  3. Katya says:

    You know what, I’m not a massive fan of audiobooks (i.e. I don’t have any in my possession) and it has been ages since I’ve read Retribution Falls but, after listening to the sample, I fell in love with the book all over again, not to mention my new found love for Rupert’s impressive voice acting. And, strangely, I can see Frey and Crake much clearer than when I have read the books.

    Also, impressive knowledge of the engines, although I shouldn’t be surprised since there had to be a lot of research done for the series about them.

  4. Kath says:

    D: This is awesome. Oh, man.

    I wonder, does he do Silo’s accent? I really want to listen to this now. And still hasn’t listed it. Boo!

    Do you know whether there will be a physical copy?

  5. Kath says:

    Okay, never mind. I got it from, no problem. πŸ˜€

    I love how he voices Malvery. Oh dear…
    So yeah, I’m having a great time listening to this.

    (But I still want a CD-version! XD )

  6. Aw! Cyberhugs for buying an audio copy when you already have the original. I’m curious about Silo’s accent myself. Haven’t got to that bit yet. But Malvery’s Scottish accent is hilarious. Had me laughing aloud at my own jokes :-/

    I don’t believe there will be physical copies, I think it’s download-only. Will let you know if it turns out to be otherwise.

  7. Thomas Stacey says:

    Totally epic! And I agree that it helps me imagine the characters. Rupert has some great voice acting skills.

    I’m tempted to get a copy of it as well. I’m glad that the Ace of Skulls post is no longer at the top, so I won’t be so tempted to look all the time. May have to import the Iron Jackal, cause I don’t know that I want to wait until Titan Books releases it (when is that by the way?).

    Loved the first two, as I have everything else I’ve read from you. It’s quite ironic that people are referencing a 10 year old movie possibility still, which I think I saw when it was new.

  8. Lauren says:

    Oh bless, Ace of Skulls comes out a few days before my birthday.
    Chris you have just given me the best present ever.

  9. Alayna says:

    Hi Chris
    I looooove malice and havoc I really want you to make a movie and I have written a third malice book I haven’t named it yet but whatever I also have a couple of things to ask you you can just email me at and my dream is to be an actress and a lot of my friends said I would make a good kady but I don’t have blond hair soooo and I have read malice and havoc so many times I can remember most of the lines in the comic parts I have also tried to act it out with my friends and I turns out well so ya if you can email me that woul be great thank you so much

  10. Alayna says:

    And I also have a Question what is kady,Seth,Justin and Luke’s nationality I’m just wondering I can’t seem to figer it out

  11. Charlotte says:

    Hey Chris, I’m such a fan! Honestly, your books have inspired me to write my own.. its difficult making sure I come up with my own ideas though, I keep ending up borrowing yours and noticing a week later!
    I can’t wait to read the new book, seriously, I’m so excited. I wish there was more about the crew of the Ketty Jay, I love the books — I even have got a friend hooked!!
    Keep up the great writing!

    – Charlotte

  12. zak says:

    hey Chris, first time iv wrote on this blog if that’s what your calling it and ild like to say i love your work. Storm Thief was the first novel i read n i love the Ketty Jay novels too. Main reason for writing was to ask what’s happening with Silver though?

  13. @ Thomas – Still don’t know re Titan Books. May go chase that up…

    @ Lauren – You’re welcome. *Chris Receives 5 Karma*

    @ Alayna – Seth, Justin and Luke are English. Kady is American.

    @ Zak – Silver is coming out May 2nd in the UK. It will be released in the States but probably not till next year. You can get it at if you’re outside the UK/Aus and don’t want to wait.

  14. Katya says:

    Really? May the 2nd? They could have postponed it a little bit and released Silver on the Star Wars day. Even though that’d be a Saturday. I’m not impressed now :C

  15. Blunderbess says:

    I was born on Star Wars day, so it’s kind of an early celebration for me… May the 4th be with you. C:

  16. Katya says:

    I’m so very jealous of you having an almost perfectly timed Birthday present from Chris ;_;

    And, actually, there are two Star Wars days in the year. May the Fourth be with you as the day after is the Revenge of the Sixth.


    I do have a life, clearly.

  17. Alayna says:

    Thanks Chris I thought Seth was amarican
    And I also thought Justin was Australian just because he says mate a lot in the books thanks a lot

  18. Jonathan says:

    Hi Chris! Love your stuff. Since you’re talking about audio versions, I did have a quick question for you: Have you ever looked into making an audio version of Broken Sky? I love the series to this day, and because of the nature of my work, I have a lot of time to listen to books, but not read them. It’s something I’ve been wondering for a while now, but just now found a way to ask you.

  19. As with all spin-off stuff like movies, ebooks etc, it’s not my decision, unless I want to pay for them to get made myself (which I don’t). Audiobook companies decide whether they want to record my dear little tales rather than the other way around. I’d love to see (hear?) Broken Sky audiobooks but it’s highly unlikely at the moment. Soz.

  20. Amanda says:

    After graduating high school three years ago and not touching a book since I really wanted to get swept up into a book again. The first thing I did upon walking into the library was look up your name (Poison is possibly the greatest story I’ve ever read). The only book there was Retribution Falls. After reading the back I was not so sure it was “my kind of book” but I decided to give it a shot.

    I am so glad this book came into my hands and have barely been able to put it down since. Thank you Chris Wooding for getting me back into reading.

  21. Isaac says:

    Hey Chris,

    Is there any chance of Retribution Falls’ audiobook becoming available in the states? I love audiobooks and your work, but Retribution is currently UK only. And I don’t think there is a workaround like ordering physical copies from book depository.

  22. @ Amanda – You’re welcome πŸ˜‰

    @ Isaac – AFAIK there are no plans for a stateside audiobook at present, sorry. There aren’t any physical copies – it’s download-only.

  23. Simon says:

    after I heard the sample I had a surge of energy to read retribution falls once more. I just finished reading Crake’s recollection of the day his niece was murdered and I held back geeky tears. you’ve done a great job in writing the characters! it sad to know that this ride will come to an end in the upcoming book,
    I think I am going to cry again πŸ™‚ .

    do you have a map of the world you have created? (Vardia, New Vardia, Thace, Yortland and so on)

  24. CASSIER says:


  25. David says:

    Hi, is there any news on the other books making it to audible? I love the Ketty Jay books and have only just managed to bring myself to start reading Ace of Skulls because I really don’t want it to end. Had it since it was released but avoided it on my shelf like a big girl πŸ™‚

  26. Sorry, no news on that front. I’ll announce it if I hear anything, don’t worry!

  27. John D says:

    I got my partner the audiobook of Retribution Falls for Christmas (since he loves great stories but isn’t much of a reader). Have been listening to it myself, and I must say it’s bloody marvellous.

    Of course, now he’s finished it, and the sequels aren’t available as audio, which is a damn shame.

    Anything you could do to encourage your publishers to release the rest of the series on audio soon would make me (and him) very happy men.

  28. Hi John,

    Glad you & your partner like the audiobook. Am doing what I can to chivvy along the rest!

  29. Joel says:

    Great to hear! Would LOVE more audiobooks. I am sad this series isn’t out in audio in the U.S. ((luckily it is pretty to fool Audible UK into selling it to me anyway).

  30. Jasmine says:

    Hi I’m Jasmine Bedore and I’m a student at Pleasantdale school and I’m working on a genius hour project and this is a question I was wondering . How do authors like you come up with their story ideas?
    If you can please reply to this if you could help me. THANK YOU

    Jasmine Bedore.

  31. Jayda T. says:

    Mr.Wooding just asking are you going to make a part 2 to Silver cause I’m excited what’s gonna happen next!!!! Will the infection ever end? Will they find an antidote to stop it!? Are they going to be the only survivors in in their town? Please answer if you are going to make a part 2 to Sliver.

  32. There’s no sequel to Silver planned, I’m afraid. It’s up to your imagination what happens next…

  33. Mark C says:


    Does anyone know if The Black Lung Captain will ever be available on audiobook?


    PS: Retribution Falls is bloody brilliant, by the way!

  34. Hi Mark,

    No sign of it yet, I’m afraid. It may or may not come to pass, depending on the gods of publishing…

  35. Melly says:

    Hi Chris! Can you tell Day that Melly says hi?

  36. Yep. Seeing him on Friday so I’ll pass it on.

  37. Ash says:

    Hi Chris,

    Just found the audiobook for Retribution after searching through Rupert Degas’s works (he was amazing in NoTW). Before I dig in, do you have any updates on the sequels’ audio versions?


  38. Sorry, nothing yet.

  39. Rick Clapham says:

    Hi Chris,
    I loved the audiobook of ‘Retribution Falls’. Rupert Degas does a great job on (The ‘Name of the Wind’ is another favourite of mine).
    If you have any sway, please pressure the publishers to produce ‘The Black Lung Captain’ and the rest.


  40. solomon says:

    I’d love to listen to the audiobook but it not available where I live(US). I’m looking for a way to import it or something, but I’m getting nowhere

  41. Perla Santos says:

    Hi Chris, I just finished reading Silver literally just a couple minutes ago and can I just say…MIND…BLOWN! I’ve never anything like it. I really liked Caitlyn and was kind of ticked off when she turned into an Infected but I understand why you did it. Anyway I was just wondering if you plan on writing a sequel to Silver? I finished ad I’m left wanting more. Also I would like to know some things about what happens to the gang: Will Adam and Paul ever make peace ? Will they ever see their families again ? Will Paul and Erika get together? But you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Anyway, good job on this book. I’m a big fan now ! Bye and thanks

  42. Alize says:

    Hi Chris, I read your book Silver for my english class and it was an amazing book! I did a book report and now we’re doing a RAFTS project. I would like your feedback on any ideas that’ll help me with the project. My email is It would be great fully appreciated πŸ™‚ Your a great artist! Thanks.

  43. Lidian XD+:3 says:

    @Chris Wooding
    I am on page 265 of your book “Malice” and i am LOVING it. I wish i could some-way some-how get a hold of the rest of the books in this series…:( and (spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t read it yet) i have just found out how Kady has been into Malice and got out! I am worried about Seth and his friend ( i forgot his name XD) I am going to be honest with you that contacting you was supposed to be a school project but i would have done it anyway just so i could tell you that you have amazing writing skillz. Also i wanted to ask if there was any chance id my friends and i could help u illustrate one of your books cuz all of our teacher call us “artistically inclined”or even “left brain”then take our sketch books away… and i also wanted to tell you i am in 8th grade and going to will rogers middle school in the u.s.a! And last but not least i would like to meet you one day…

    p.s. you are my favorite author :33
    p.s.s. you can visit my deviantart site and see my art, the art was from a while ago thought i got better XDXD

  44. unknown says:

    Dear Mr. Wooding,

    I loved Silver, it was amazing. Will you make a second if so what would the name be?

  45. Olivia says:

    I am now in the midst of reading your book Silver for the fifth time (I love it!), and I have a few questions. One, is anything in the book inspired by anything in your life? (For example, did you happen to go a school similar to Mortingham Academy?) Secondly, do you intend to write a sequel? I know that myself and many other people would be very excited if you did. Finally, I am also in the process of writing a couple books, and I was wondering how you plan everything out. I am just writing as I go, and now I am stuck. So do you have any tips on how I could balance my writing process so the book can be done well? I only ask this because you are my favorite writer and would respect and greatly appreciate you input.

  46. Izel says:

    Dear Mr.Wooding,thank you so much for perfect books.I loved that so much.Especially Malice and Havoc.I read them again and again.You are so special person for me.If the book will be translated the movie,who person will be Kady?Dont worry.I am here.I can be Kady :))

  47. Christian says:

    Thank you for writing your books! I seriously love everything you write. I have just recently finished reading your book “Silver” and I have a couple of questions. Are you going to make some sort of sequel? I mean, the way it was ended makes it sound like there is a way to do so. It would be cool to see what happens later. Where would they go from there? Would they meet people? How is the government handling this? Could there be a cure? There is just so many questions I have for the book. Keep on writing! πŸ™‚

    -Sincerely Christian T. Ryczek

  48. Kevin says:

    Hi Chris,
    I’ve just finished Retribution Falls on audiobook (again) and thought I’d see if there were any sequels available. No joy. Are there any plans afoot to have them recorded?

  49. Peter says:

    Hi Chris

    Love the Ketty Jay series and have had a blast listening to Retribution Falls on audio. Seen a lot of requests and queries in this thread as to the status of the sequels availability with no sign of them coming.

    Can you perhaps provide some contact details of the audio book publisher so we can express our interest in the sequels to them?

    Just a thought

  50. iscius says:

    Retribution Falls audiobook with Rupert was full stop the best form of entertainment for the year. Movies, television, books, other audio books.

    Any chance he will do the rest of the series? Any chance we can pay him to finish the rest of the series? I fear they will hire an ‘Merican to perform and if we’re honest, even as an American I know we are complete rubbish at telling stories on audio book.

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