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For those who live in the UK, or who like to travel a long long way, two biggie SF/Fantasy conventions coming up.

First is the SFX Weekender on the 5th-6th of February. A celebration of all things SF-ey, this one takes place at an out-of-season Butlins Holiday Camp which, as chance would have it, I’ve been to back in the day, when I went to All Tomorrow’s Parties to see Lightning Bolt. And bizarrely, while googling them to provide a link, I found out that someone took a crappy recording of that very gig on their phone and stuck it on YouTube. It was better than that, honest. You can’t see me, I’m somewhere near the back being badass or something.

I digress.

The other is Eastercon, 2-5th April. The biggest fantasy/SF book con in the UK, and this time it’s in London, so I really have no excuse for not going.  I’ll be at both of them I should think, whether as a lurker or a participant. If conventions are your thing, come along.

Also, I’m not sure I like this.  If anyone tried to continue any series of mine after my death, they’d be in for a damn good haunting.


  1. David Scott says:

    Whilst trips to London have always proved oddly expensive for me, even with advanced planning, the chance to finally meet the man that messed up my youthful sleep style with those lovely Draugs of his is rather tempting!

  2. Raihor says:

    “Also, I’m not sure I like this. If anyone tried to continue any series of mine after my death, they’d be in for a damn good haunting.”

    So you don’t like Eoin Colfer’s new Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy novel either? I don’t like his writing, so I just see it as an attempt to get rich off of somebody else’s talent. So Adams always intended to write another, so what? I’d only want to read it if HE wrote it, not some other person who I don’t much care for…

    But I digress, I meant to talk about the conventions. I think I’ll go! I like conventions 😀 Trouble is I’d have to hitch a ride with my parents to get to SFX weekender… But they’d probably want to have a look around themselves anyway. And the other one, well- Alistair Reynolds!? Ok I’m sold. Not as big a deal as when I met you in Forbidden Planet, but still…

  3. Matteo says:

    Hi everyone! I’m an italian guy who bought Broken Sky, Cielo di Fuoco in italian, sever years ago (1999? 2000 maybe…) and enjoyed sooooo much. I’ve finally found it again in my room and read it again, and I’d like to know if a sequel has been written or is going to be.

    Thank you a lot,

  4. Pombar says:

    Matteo, Broken Sky is a 3 (or 9, depending on which edition you’re reading) part series, but beyond the three big volumes, there are no further books in the series or in the universe. Nor are there any plans for continuation, as I last heard it.
    Though I hadn’t known Broken Sky had received European translations. Neat!

  5. Kath says:

    Gawd… is it already (almost) one year later?! Time sure flies.

    Close to Heathrow? That’s… handy. *ponders* We’ll see. 😉

    @ Pombar: BSky was even translated into German, though finding any copies now is nigh impossible. Or rather, it is impossible! They are out of print which is kinda sad as I’m really curious how the translation was…

  6. Bobby says:

    Well when is havoc supposed to come out in the U.S. and why isn’t it in you book section?

  7. Raihor says:

    @Bobby: Because Chris hasn’t written it yet. Or hasn’t published it, at least. I wonder how it’s coming along…..

  8. Cool! Will be good to see everyone again/for the first time (delete as necessary).

    @ Raihor: I didn’t read the new Hitchhiker’s. I don’t necessarily think it’s a cynical cash-in, but I still think it’s pointless, since it’s not Douglas Adams writing it. No matter who the other writer is, it’s always going to be a completely different book.

    @ Kath: Translations scare me since you told me how terrible the German version of Alaizabel was. Thankfully The Ketty Jay books have gone to new publishers in both Germany and France, who I’m told are very good at that translation lark. Sweet.

    @ Bobby: Havoc comes out in May in the States, I believe. And it’s not in my book section because it hasn’t been published yet.

  9. Kath says:

    Oh, oh, oh!! RetFalls will get a German translation?! 😀 Then I can pester all my German non-English-speaking-friends about it! Harr!
    I have been wondering when that would get translated, actually. And it is excellent news that they finally got round to it (or will get round to it.) I’ll buy it then and see whether the translation is any good and will let you know right away. 😉

    Alaizabel Cray was a sad affair. Though what was really weird was that no one really noticed so I guess world-wide intelligence-decline is working in your favour. Also it got me into reading the English originals so there did come something good from this. Also Poison got a good translation. It felt right and atmospheric. (And apparently they are re-releasing it under a different title “Das Mädchen aus den schwarzen Sümpfen” The Girl from the Black Marshes. The translation seems to be the same, though. *scratches head*)

    Omg, yay. RetFalls! \o/

  10. Keith says:

    hey i am waiting for havoc to come out i loved malice and cant wait for the second book!!!

  11. nic says:

    who doesnt like malice

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