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BLC MMP FYI (or, I Like Acronyms), and Alaizabel in Total Film Shocker!

Hey all,

First a reminder that The Black Lung Captain is now available in the UK in mass market paperback (ie the handy, cheap and pocket-sized paperbacks we all know and love instead of the big fat trade editions). It will get its first release July 26th in the US.

Second, Alaizabel made the Total Film ‘30 Books That Could Be The Next Harry Potter‘ list! Woo! Yes, I’ll take Fincher & McAvoy, thank you 😉 Before anyone asks, I have no news on the movie. We’ve only just got through all the contract bumph with Trademark Films, but all is now signed and done so they will presumably (hopefully) be getting to work on it very soon. News when I have it.


  1. Jord says:

    if the haunting of alaizabel cray could be a film, then is malice still in order to be a film? if it is, then can you email me when the auditions are as i would like to try out for seth or justin.

  2. Tida says:

    Ahhh! This is so exciting! I just have to say, The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray was one of the novels that encouraged me to keep writing when I first found it, and it was what led me to reading all of your other novels, all of which are amazing. It being made into a film would just be outstanding, made only better by the fact that it contributed to my attending film school in the fall. Seriously, getting to see this on a movie screen would be fantastic… 😀

  3. @ Jord – Malice is still on, although there’s been no movement on it for a long time as far as I know. I very much doubt there’ll be open auditions at all, but if there are I’ll be sure to let everyone know on the site.

    @ Tida – Well then, if no-one else makes it in the meantime, I’m relying on you 😉

  4. Death by taco says:

    hi chris ill make this short and sweet because im typing with a stylus.sorry i haven’t been computer wouldn’t let me for a while 🙁 second malice movie IF its being made where is it being made (USA,UK etc)cuz acting would be cool.i can actually cry on command(tears and everything i swear!) wich is kinda weird but Kady cries a lot so.and for the record if i was a guy i would try for justin.

  5. Death by taco says:

    i just read this over and i wrote it really quickly because its late on a school night(i live in canada its 10:10 now) and the paragraph makes very little sense.i hope you can decipher it 😉

  6. Tida says:

    Making this movie is totally an assignment I would be honored to accept! 🙂

  7. DoubleShelix2.O says:

    Alaizabel Cray’s gotta be played by someone new and fresh; big names will overshadow it. That’s first. Second, it should be made by anyone other than the folks in Hollywood who ruin the stories when it comes to book adaptations. Malice HAS to be made into a film. Just PLEASE with the vampsession. More sci-fi/fantasy WITHOUT the romance crap.
    And, also, POISON must at least be considered for a film. I know it doesn’t be Malice, but it’s still a great story.
    That’ll be all. Good day.

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