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Aaaand it’s outta there!

Woohoo! Silver has been delivered to my editor, on deadline day, no less.Usually I’m very good with delivering ahead of deadline but various other projects meant this one went right down to the wire. It occurs to me that had there not been an extra day in February this year, it would have been late. What are the chances? Gotta be, like, one in four, easily!

Delivery of a book is the closest it gets to feeling like it’s finished, because I know it’ll be off my plate for at least a month before anyone comes back to tell me how terrible it is. And there’s something final in the act of hitting SEND and flinging it away across the webosphere, letting other people see it for the first time. Later I’ll start to fret about whether they think it’s actually any good or not or if I’ll have a bucketload more work to do on it, but for now, I’m demob happy and off to rampage through the capital.

What’s that? Rock out again, you say? If you insist. This one’s a bit sweary though, don’t listen if you’re tender 😉


  1. Jord says:

    congrats!!! i hope it is approved of. in english, as we are doing media work, we have been asked to make an advertisement for something & i was just wondering wether it would be alright for me to do a poster on pandemonium. is it alright if i do? i will send you the final copy so that you can give me your verdict. again, i hope that silver is approved. all the best!

  2. Hey Jord,

    Sure, no worries. Take a picture when it’s done and post it on the forum, if you like.

  3. Daniel says:

    Hi. I LOVE the Ketty Jay series! I hope you do more; I’ve devoured all of them, though I did buy them out of order (such is life sometimes) and want more – 3 is not enough, not by a long shot. I hope you do 3, 7 or 9 more in the series.

    I like Darian. You’ve really nailed the whole charming rogue thing, I feel. And the other characters too, of course. On the note of things you’ve done well: airships, pirates and demonology is just what I was looking for, I just didn’t know it. The story rocks, the characters are rich in detail if not coin, the bad guys are awesome (especially the Manes), and the world is very colourful.

    My life feels completer now.

    Could you please post or email me some synopses, as they are hard to do right and it would be good to see what successful authors have done in that regard?

  4. John says:

    Is Silver part of a series, if so which one? It’s my first time here so i wouldn’t know. I also don’t read most of your books, the first book i read was Pandemonium, that’s how i found out about your site.

  5. @ Daniel – my synopses would be kind of useless to you as they’re between me and my editor, who I know very well, and are therefore informal and assumes the reader knows a lot about my style etc. First-time synopses should be written very differently, and I don’t have any of them that I would be willing to show anyone.

    There’s no magic formula to writing a synopsis. Just keep it as simple as you possibly can and focus only on the main story, not all the extraneous detail and side-plots etc.

    @ John – No, Silver is a standalone book, it’s not part of a series.

  6. Nathan says:


    Love the Ketty Jay series, US reader here (we do exist see!!). Was curious when Iron Jackal will come out over here since Amazon claimed a May 1st release but that is obviously past us and it still isn’t out. Sadly you cannot order from the Kindle store from the USA. I could import a dead-tree version but I vastly prefer the digital editions.


  7. Hey Nathan. Still waiting on Del Rey to tell me the answer to that, sorry. Will let you know when I do.

  8. Jessica says:

    Came around randomly hoping for news of a Ketty Jay book 4. Love the series. I’m from the U.S. though, and like Nathan said, its disappointing that the digital version is not available here for Iron Jackal. I couldn’t stand to wait, though and imported the dead tree version from the Amazon UK site. Anyway, love your work.

  9. Swagata Mukhopadhyay says:

    Hi, Chris. 🙂
    I’m from India.
    I read “Storm Thief” back in the day when a Scholastic bookfair came over to our city and I just couldn’t resist the scintillating pace at which you wrote it while I was standing there just turning the pages at breakneck speed, innit.
    I ADORED the movement in that novel, yeah.
    “The Fade” was a refreshing read, too, though (and this is just a personal opinion) you did tend to go a bit too graphic with the descriptions of the surrounding natural flora and fauna.
    I just finished “Retribution Falls” and I was flummoxed by the sheer virtuosity on display.
    Brilliant characters, the one-liners, but most of all, the ENORMOUS jet-distortion-doom speed and pace of it all just floored me.
    I’m starting The Black Lung Captain.
    Keep dazzling the scene, yeah. 🙂

  10. Wafi says:

    Uncharted 2! \o/Have fun scoring heshtdoas! ;DI am currently playing FFXIII but I get distracted by U2:AT time and time again. I must admit that I am spoiled by Uncharted’s seamless gameplay. :II mean, I didn’t give it much thought but it is so much more engaging when you don’t get loading screens every five seconds. Which also means that you kinda lose track of time and then suddenly it’s past midnight. >_> Luckily that was a weekend.Hope you have as much fun with it as I did. It’s my favourite PS3-game and I doubt that FFXIII will ever get close ._. Which is kind of sad as I always loved FF. Oh well.And RE5 is only fun when played in co-op.Read many such reviews of Heavy Rain. I did want to buy it but now I guess I’ll just wait until I can borrow it from one of my friends who have it. ;D

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