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US release dates for The Iron Jackal and The Ace of Skulls

At last, info for my news-hungry US readers!

Titan Books will be publishing The Iron Jackal in March 2014, and The Ace of Skulls in August 2014. US ebook versions will presumably be simultaneous.

As ever, if you can’t wait till then, is your friend.


  1. Katya says:

    Gotta feel sorry for the Americans for getting your books later than us. Mind you, I have to suffer the same fate when the books from few of my favourite American writers come out there what seems to be eons before they come out here.

    And I’m now going to be put on your Enemy Number One list because I just said that, apart from you, I have other favourite authors. Right?


  2. Shannon says:

    Good news! Been waiting for quite a while for them. Thanks for the series. I’ve read almost all of your books and will eventually work through all of them.

  3. Anna Davour says:

    Chris Wooding: it’s a great pleasure for us to welcome you as a guest of honour at our festival/convention next summer! But sadly the communication through your publisher goes really slowly, and when we start to plan for travel and program participation it would be much better if we could communicate with you directly. Would you like to send us an email and let us know what your preferred channel for communication would be?

    For the Steampunkfestivalen 2014 in Gävle, Sweden,

    Anna Davour

  4. Hi Anna,

    I’ve emailed you.

  5. Zachary Schuster says:

    I live in America and I get them all at the same time as you guys in the UK do. I hop right on and buy them. I own everyone one of Chris Wooding’s books except for The Fade, although I have read it, Kerosene, which I have also read, Malice and Havoc which I have not read and do not own, and Pale.
    On the other end, Broken Sky was incredible, The Braided Path Trilogy is my favorite book series that I have read, and I love The Tales of The Ketty Jay. I would be living my fantasy if I lived in any of these stories. Poison was terrific and so imaginative, The Storm Thief was the first book I ever read by you and is near and dear to my heart. The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray was so dark and exciting I read it in a few hours. I peeled through The Fade, it was beyond one of the most original, at least to me, books I have ever read and the ending was one of the best by far, again for me, because of how mad it made me, haha, :). Just finished Pandemonium today and I can’t wait for some kind of sequel, fingers crossed, and more work of the same format. Also recently finished Crashing in a days time. I find that I enjoy your old writing almost as much as your recent work. On that note, Kerosene was the first of your older books that I read, the reason I don’t own it is because I requested it at my school library a few years back so that more than just myself could read it. I loved the character and the overall story. Also, your book Endgame really surprised me with the ending, I won

  6. Zachary Schuster says:

    I won’t* go into more, in case anyone acquires a copy. I guess it was the first story I ever read that ended that way. I strongly suggest people read it. I am currently awaiting the arrival of your last older book, Catchman, very excited about that, and my very own copy of Kerosene, for shelf purposes really, and my own support of your being an author. Also, I am about to hit the ‘add to cart’ button on for Malice. Also anticipating The Ace of Skulls when that comes out, and Silver.

  7. Oh I DEFINITELY cannot wait that long for The Ace of Skulls! I’ll be ordering it from TBD the day it’s released in the UK 🙂

  8. Gary Moore says:

    Cant wait for the Ace of Skulls, the Ketty Jay tales are brilliant good ole fashion fun. However have you considered that in the charachter of Darian Frey you have created the “anti-Biggles”?

  9. Ryan Nickerson says:

    Reading is my passion and I have read many of the popular titles, but my tastes run rather selective; to say that it is exclusively Sci-fi/Fantasy is too broad.

    Steam Punk is a relatively new discovery for me and it immediately found a place in my heart. Your books have truly breathed life into the world of steampunk that my imagination has created. The feel of wild west, combining with Victorian style, and the technological fantasies of a past renaissance are truly inspiring. I have read other books in this specific genre but I have found few characters with “that fly by the seat of your pants” that the crew of the Ketty Jay display. Truly it has touched me in a way only the ill-fated tv series firefly could. I have in the past few months burned through the first 3 books of the Ketty Jay, and cannot wait for the book to make it here to Canada.

    I wish you all the best, and hope you never lose touch with your passion for writing; it touches us all.

    From across the pond,
    Ryan Nickerson
    British Columbia, Canada

  10. Jesse Stevens II says:

    Any update on the Titan books release? Can’t find an ebook for Iron Jackal. Did the release schedule get pushed back? I got a UK copy of iron jackal, books keep getting better by the way. Really want a US Ebook and want to read Ace of skulls.

    The agony.

  11. Jesse S. says:

    still no word I suppose (sad face)

  12. Sorry, I don’t really know. Iron Jackal is out in ebook in the US already. Ace of Skulls isn’t but then it’s only just come out so I guess ebooks are forthcoming, just not released the same day as the paperback. Keep checking the net.

  13. Jesse S. says:

    Thanks for the reply. I was just looking in the wrong place. Kindle ebook is available. But I bought the other books on Google play bookstore. So I guess I’ll have to split my library.

    Thanks again. Looking forward to how the series wraps up.

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