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Happy Newish Year!

So, 2020, eh? I thought I’d be living in the future by now.

Welcome to another of my increasingly tardy updates in which I reveal nothing because everything is secret. The headline news is that there has not, to be honest, been massive amounts of progress on the sequel to the Ember Blade. I’m creeping up to the halfway point but I’ve been working for Ubisoft most of last year and between that and having two sleep-sapping infants in the house there hasn’t been as much time as I’d hoped to get on with it. I’m trying to forge out time when I can but there’s not a lot to go round these days. What I can say is don’t expect it this year. Even when the manuscript is done there will be a long wait for editing, so late 2021 is probably as early as we could make it. Apologies to all those champing at the bit. It’s getting done. Slowly.

As a consolation prize, in a few months I’ll be able to tell you about the game I’ve been working on, so there’s that?

Happy 2020. Back to blasting my companions out the airlock in Nemesis…


  1. Tyler says:

    I’m certainly looking forward to the next book. Hope all works out well.

  2. Peanutthes says:

    Hi, Chris Wooding! I’ve just finished Retribution Falls, and I came to check on this site. It was awesome to find that you have a blog to keep us updated. I’m eager to read more of your work, and I wish you all the best!

  3. Joel says:

    Eagerly awaiting…but in the meantime it would be nice if there was a title for it on Goodreads so we can add it to our Want To Read lists and get notified when it does come out…

  4. Tyler says:

    I wanted to follow up with a question. Are you open to others assisting in even just the editing of the next book in The Ember Blade?

    I know reviewing for minor errors can be tedious. If you are exploring this option to see it published sooner, than later. I would be happy to volunteer for such an endeavor.

  5. Lei says:

    I love your work!

    I have a question, though.

    I remember back in 2017 you said you were not allowed to publish a sequel for Pandemonium.

    I saw a few people ask but not get a response: But could you ever just post it online if you couldn’t publish it? Perhaps in webcomic format? I understand if this is annoying to hear, I just really adore the story. I got my book copy back at a high school book fair and I still keep my copy in good condition and very close to my heart. It would mean the world to me if you were able to continue it in an online format. Even if it was just in novel form, without art, like a fan fiction almost.

    I’m sorry if this request is annoying I just…. really love this book.

  6. Brooklyn says:

    I just wanted to say I got the Ace of Skulls when it first came out and my mum still refuses to read it because she knows she’ll cry at the end.

    (I might’ve cried a bit to be fair)

    Cheers from Canada

  7. Carina says:

    Fantastic news, I am nearly finished with “the ember blade” a bit late to jump on the bandwagon. Quarantine has afforded me some extra time to return to reading. I first became aware of your series when it was recommended by Melissa McPhail, the author of the fantasy series “A Pattern of Shadow and Light.”

    Anyways, simply wanted to drop a note and say how thoroughly I’ve been enjoying your novel. I love long and winding stories and yours holds up to the best of them. Wishing you the best during these unprecedented times.

  8. Taja says:

    I first discovered your Broken Sky series as a kid, in my library in Ljubljana (and I fell in love with them)! I was overjoyed to find them available as ebooks in English, in 2020 – I snatched them up straight away and shared them with my partner.

    I was also so happy to discover your other work this year, and realising I gel with it just as much!
    Safe to say I will patiently await the next instalment of The Ember Blade. I understand the process in lengthy but the long wait definitely won’t deter me! I’ve become a lifetime fan for sure.

    All the best and stay safe!

  9. H says:

    Do you have an email?

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